Volunteer as a conservation district supervisor or associate member and play an important role for the district in addressing conservation issues. These challenges range from climate change to loss of critical habitat to invasive species. Each of which threatens the health of our natural environment and our quality of life. Our supervisors provide valuable educational, technical and financial assistance to communities and landowners. With these programs, they can protect vital natural resources and implement responsible conservation practices.

There are additional volunteer opportunities the first week in May during our seedling sale’s packing week. We depend on volunteers to assist with receiving, sorting, and tagging of plant materials in preparation for packing day. More information is to come on exact days and times to volunteer during packing week in 2019.

Together with our WCCD Supervisors, volunteers and staff, and Jordan family farm who provide need space and infrastructure, we all contribute to the success of the Annual Seedling Sale! If you like being outdoors, interested in learning more about trees and plants, and meeting people, contact Mackenzie May: