We offer workshops on a variety of topics related to Soils and Soil health, Water Quality, Gardening and Farming, Climate Change Adaptation, Forestry and Wildlife Habitat, and Food preparation, Food Waste, and Composting. Our staff and affiliates can offer workshops or guest lectures upon request. Just email our administrator, Lisa Trotto at with your interest or a request or for more information.

The following is a list of workshops that WCCD has carried out with our partners in the past (workshops are not limited to these topics):

Soils and Soil health

-Simplifying Soils: Introduction to the components, function, and improvement of soils

-Healthy Soils for Healthy Trees

-Plants for your Soils: How to know your soils and select plants for a thriving garden or yard

-Love your Soil! Caring for the underground community that helps you grow

-The Science of Assessing and Improving the Health of Your Soil

-Soil texture by feel

-Know the Soil, Know the Land

-Assessing and Improving Soil Health on Your Farm

Water Quality

-How to build a rain garden

-History of Quabbin Reservoir’s Aqueduct

Gardening and Farming

-Conservation Planning, Practices and Programs

-Step Up Your Soil Health Game: Using Cover Crops in Vegetable Systems

-No-till agriculture

-Pruning Fruit Trees: How to

Forestry and Wildlife Habitat

-Identifying and Managing Invasive Plants in Urban and Suburban Landscapes

-How to build a pollinator garden

Food preparation, Food Waste, and Composting

-Vermicomposting 101

-Food Waste Solutions for Your Business, Catered Meetings, and Monthly Events

-Canning 101

WCCD is now offering soil sampling services for landowners/farmers in Worcester County

This is the perfect time for soil sampling. Did you know we offer soil sampling services? Our staff will come out to your property to take soil samples for all uses – lawn, garden, pasture, orchard, you name it! We will dry the samples and mail them to the Soil Testing Lab at the University of Maine’s Soil Testing lab in Orono. We can also offer assistance in interpreting the results! To learn more about this program and schedule an appointment, contact our Conservation Planner Joel Betts-