Fritillaria uva-vulpis

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Previously known as F. assyriaca, this 1874 heirloom has irresistible maroon bell shaped flowers with bronze-gold interiors, tiny black veins and glaucous foliage. This deer- and rodent-resistant robust naturalizer is native to the western Himalayas and Asia Minor, and prefers rich, well-draining neutral pH soil and a bit of light shade or dappled sunlight. A bit more finicky than other flower bulbs, these heirlooms don’t like being out of the soil, so plant them immediately upon receipt. You’ll need about nine bulbs per square foot. Plant 5″ to 6″ deep and 5″ to 6″ apart. Bulb size: 7 cm/up.  Height: 14″. Hardiness Zones 5-8.


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