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Striped Squill

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A deer- and rodent-resistant naturalizer native to the Caucasus, circa 1805. It is best grown in moist, fertile, well-draining soil in full sun to partial sunlight. It yields numerous stems of six to eight, little, rounded, star-shaped pale blue-white flowers with deep blue midveins and strappy, shiny foliage. Puschkinia takes time to mature, and if it’s happy where it’s planted and left undisturbed, it naturalizes by bulb offsets (called bulbils: baby bulbs on the sides of the mother bulb you’ve planted), and maybe even by self-sowing seed. It’s terrific planted en masse in garden borders, sunny woodland borders and rock gardens.

You’ll need nine bulbs per square foot. Bulb size: 6 cm/up. Full to partial sunlight. Bloom time in horticultural zone 5: April. Plant 4″” deep and 4″” apart. HZ: 4-8. Height: 5″”.

Puschkinia sciolliodes, #1 transplants, nursery propagated.”

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10 bulbs