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Siberian Lily or the Lavender Mountain Lily

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This deer- and-rodent resistant naturalizer has slender stems topped with loose umbels of a dozen or so flowers that range from light to deep violet-blue flowers with paler midveins and grass-like foliage. They start funnel-shaped and then open into large star-shaped flowers. It is best grown in neutral pH, well-draining soil in full sunlight. If it’s happy where it’s planted, particularly in areas with hot almost arid summer conditions, and is left undisturbed, it slowly naturalizes by bulb offsets (called bulbils: baby bulbs on the sides of the mother bulb you’ve planted) and maybe even by self-sowing seed. Since it’s not tremendously hardy, you may want to apply no more than a 2″” layer of mulch after the surface of the ground freezes to protect it from winter temperature spiking in the event of inconsistent snow coverage. It makes a terrific cut flower.

You’ll need nine bulbs per square foot. (Square footage is determined multiplying the planting site’s length times its width.) Bulb size: 4 cm/up (this species makes a very small top-size bulb). Full sunlight. Bloom time in horticultural zone 5: Late May/June. Plant 5″” deep and 4″” apart. HZ: 5-9. Height: 15″”.

Ixiolirions tataricum ssp. pallasii

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