Common Oats cover crop seed

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Common Oats (Avena sativa)
Benefits:Common oats are an annual grass that grow quickly in warmer temperatures, providing high biomass and large root system, but that die off in NE winters. Thus they provide a good low investment/low risk option, since there is no need to worry about how to terminate the crop in the spring. They provide a fall live cover and serve as a dead mulch in the spring that can be tilled in or planted into directly. Oats rank highly (though not quite as high as Winter Rye) for their ability to reduce erosion and compaction, increase soil health and organic matter, utilize (scavenge) excess nutrients, and suppress weeds. Oats tolerate acidic soils better than any other grain crop. The forage is an excellent feed for cows and horses; but are too high in fiber for hogs.Planting time and rate:Common oats should be planted no later than the end of September. Earlier fall planting (as early as late August) will provide optimal benefit from fall growth. Seed at 100–200#/acre, 2.5–5#/1000 sq ft. Apply at higher end of rate range for later planting.Termination:Common Oats will not survive winters in New England, so there is no need to worry about how to terminate them in the spring.

Companion Covers:

Can be grown with our crimson clover , with reduced seeding rate for optimal co-establishment. Only clover will come back in the spring and need to be terminated.

Information adapted from:, Managing cover crops profitably, 2008 book edited by A. Clark, Diane Publishing.

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