Buckthorn Blaster™

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The Buckthorn Blaster™ is a hand-held, 4-ounce capacity herbicide applicator (purchase herbicide separately) for cut-stump herbicide treatment of buckthorn and other undesirable stemmed plants. In Worcester County, this is especially useful for problematic species such as Oriental Bittersweet, Winged Euonymus (Burning Bush), Multiflora Rose, Autumn Olive, and buckthorn, among others. The replaceable foam applicator tip of the Buckthorn Blaster™ releases herbicide only when pressure is applied to freshly cut buckthorn stumps. The minimal but effective herbicide delivery of the Buckthorn Blaster™ allows you to greatly reduce the amount of herbicide getting out into the environment and to spend hours treating invasive plant stumps without an herbicide refill.

The Buckthorn Blaster™ eliminates hazardous spills that often occur with open herbicide containers. The Buckthorn Blaster™ prevents the “drift” hazard to humans and native plants associated with herbicide sprayers. The Buckthorn Blaster™ uses less herbicide to control invasive plants – better for the environment, better for your wallet!

This Buckthorn Blaster™ includes three applicator tips and an applicator tip removal tool to remove or replace applicator tips. *Herbicide and blue dye are not included.

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