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We want to thank our clients who place orders through our Annual Seedling Sale and we hope you have great success with your plantings as you nurture them throughout this growing season.

Our 2020 Seedling Sale has ended.

Thank you to all you who have ordered from us.

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Immediately unpack your plants, check the roots for moisture.

If bareroot plant roots look dry:  Soak tree and shrub roots in water 3 to 6 hours.

                                                                  Soak strawberries, asparagus for 10-20 minutes.

Do not allow the roots to dry out; keep them moist but not saturated.  Sprinkle roots and packing materials with water.

Keep plants, cool (35-50°F), and away from wind, even while planting other plants.

Plant as soon as possible! It is best to plant them within 24 hours from receipt, if you will be delayed in planting them, heel plants into ground in a protected location.

Scalp a two-foot circle in planting area, removing all sod & weeds.

Dig a hole wide enough for roots to spread out. Remember that roots grow down & laterally.

Mound some soil in the center of the planting hole. Drape roots over the mound.

Position the roots so they hang down over the mound & are not turned up or crowded.

Plant trees & shrubs to the depth they were planted in the nursery. The junction of the stem & root should be level with the ground. Back fill the planting hole with loose soil & gently pack the surface after filling the hole.

Build a berm around the planting hole to hold water. Water the plant thoroughly after backfilling the planting hole to eliminate any remaining air pockets.

The key to the survival and success of your bareroot plants is regular watering during the first three years, especially during dry spells.

For more information about bareroot plants go to: and

What to Expect from Bare-root Plants: Your seedlings arrive dormant and protected by damp packing.  Dormant means that the plant is not actively growing, it will not have leaves or flowers.  They usually have buds.  The plants should have firm stems, roots and buds.  They should not be shriveled, dry, moldy or smell rotten. You may see sugar like crystals on the roots from the non-toxic water gel we use to keep the roots moist.

Tree seedlings are bare root, and will range in size which is dependent on growing and weather conditions. We work with growers to estimate the size of these tree seedlings at harvest which should only be used as a guide. We strive to deliver healthy plants, however, we cannot guarantee their survival after pick up. Please inform us at pick up time if you question the quality of your order. There are no refunds after orders are picked up.

Bare root strawberries

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Each year our Seedling Sales are successful due to the good spirits and diligent work of our volunteers.
Please consider spending and afternoon with us at Jordan Dairy Farm in Rutland to prepare customer orders!

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